Lydia Rain

As a neurodivergent visual artist in Leeds, Lydia’s art is a way to express and communicate her unique perspective of the world around her. She often finds herself drawn to the peacefulness of solitude and the beauty found in natural landscapes, embracing darkness and light, and this is reflected in her art.

She began painting in 2021. Her work is highly intuitive and spontaneous, with an emphasis on mood, texture and colour. She enjoys experimenting with different media, from paint to collage to digital, allowing the dynamics of the materials to guide her in the creative process.

In her landscape art, she aims to capture the essence and mood of the natural world, a memory or impression rather than a realistic representation. She is fascinated by the patterns, shapes, and colours found in nature, and often incorporates these elements into her work. In addition to creating art, she is passionate about using her artistic skills to promote inclusivity and acceptance. She believes that art can serve as a powerful tool to bridge the gap between different ways of thinking and understanding the world.